Get The Cheapest DOFUS Touch Kamas On Servers

  • We all know that Dofus Touch Kamas is the basic thing for players to enjoy the game, and there are many ways for us to make Dofus Touch Kamas in the game. Different players have different methods to gain Dofus Touch Kamas for their game. However, there should be some small things that you have never noticed when you are farming Dofus Touch Kamas in the game. So here I will share you some small but very useful tips for you when making Dofus Touch Kamas in the game.

    • Farm piwi seeds and sell them. they should sell good because of leveling tailor. 
    • Level a lumberjack and sell wood, the first wood sells at around 50k/u, so the same as bread and it's a lot faster to make, after that you can then use it to level up a job.
    • Go kill some Pandala monsters for the artefacts, kill specific monsters for the potion ( in recipe ) and go get some crimson pebbles. Do kolossium to buy the pebbles or buy them off other people ( 4 pebbles each soul stone ). 100 crimson pebbles cost 250kk ish but 100 pebbles can make 25 soul stones which can make a 1mk profit.
    • Breeding dragoturkeys is a very time taking task and you need some kamas to start off ( and breeding equipments to make things fast ). Itt's better breeding eme/ging and eme/plum and other emerald striped dragoturkeys. ( also try make them camos ). If you things correctly you can make around 5-100mk a week. ( depending on how actively people buy DTs and if you have a lot of them )


    Making a healthy amount of kamas in DOFUS Touch is not a hard thing to accomplish. You don’t have to be a trade network guru or be able to craft the rarest gear on your server. All you need is the willpower to avoid impulse purchases, and a bit of free time to put in. More guide for DOFUS Touch please keep your eyes on our website and you can also buy cheap Dofus Touch Kamas from our website